Monday, February 27, 2006

The Latest Celebrity Death Trifecta

In the past 48 hours, I first learned that Don Knotts had just passed away. The Love God is no more. (Note: I remember him mostly for all those silly movies like The Love God, The Incredible Mr. Limpet and The Shakiest Gun in the West before he joined the cast of Three's Company as Mr. Furley, and whom Suzanne Somers was quoted to say that she "was intimidated by his 'comic genius'".)

Some twelve hours later, I read that Darren McGavin had too passed on. The original (and superior) Carl Kolchak (aka the Night Stalker) is no more.

Today, I read that Dennis Weaver just passed away. Now Detective Sam McCloud is no more. He's off searching for pizza pasta made perfect in heaven (that one was for those who remember those old commercials for Mother's Pizza).

Who's next?


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