Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Got Tagged

3 Names U go By: Robert, Bob, Ken-Ting

3 Screen Names U Have Had: Big Poppa, Bobemite, Bobcat

3 Things U Like about Yourself: Quick-witted (in my opinion), ability to size up a situation, determination

3 Things U Don’t Like about Yourself: My teeth, my gut (molson muscle), my snoring.

3 Parts of Your Heritage: Canadian, Chinese (Cantonese)

3 Things that Scare U: Stupid people in charge, getting a terminal illness, global war

3 of Your Everyday Essentials: Shower, deodorant, food

3 Things U are Wearing Right Now: White t-shirt with Beijing Olympic logo on the back, blue jeans, black boxer-briefs

3 of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Duke Ellington, U2, Bruce Springsteen

3 of Your Favorite Songs: "The Nearness of You" by Sarah Vaughn, "Jungleland" by Bruce Springsteen, "Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G.

3 Things U Want to Try in the Next 12 Months: Get my teeth fixed, get my contract with the Feds extended, Go to China and/or London

3 Things You Want in a Relationship: Independence, passion, being completely comfortable with each other (when not in passion)

2 Truths and a Lie: Have performed with Paul Anka, had a beer with wrestling great "Classy" Freddie Blassie, Spent New Year's Eve in Times Square and watched a guy get pelted by bottles after peeing on a crowd atop a bus shelter.

3 Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to U: sense of humour, good conversationalist, breast size

3 Things about the Same Sex that Appeal to U: sense of humour, good conversationalist, breast size

3 Things U Just Cannot Do: Abandon my family, commit murder, vote Conservative

3 of Your Favorite Hobbies: Watching movies, playing sports, reading

3 Things U Want to do Really Bad Right Now: Fly out to Victoria, BC to talk to a certain person, fly out to London and get a ticket to see Arsenal play their last game at Highbury, relax on a beach

3 Careers U are Considering: Tai Chi Master, Writer, Movie extra

3 Places You Want to Go on Vacation: China, London, Paris

3 Kid’s Names: Emily, Conrad, Cassie

3 Things U Want to Do Before U Die: Achieve double happiness, visit the homeland, find the right woman

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Boy: Watch sports, love women, fall asleep during the ballet

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Chick: Religiously watch Gilmore Girls, love fashion, can be bitchy

3 Celeb Crushes: Alyson Hannigan, Judy Greer, Lauren Graham

3 People U Would Like to Complete This Quiz: See line above (most people I know have already done this quiz)